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Honeywell UV100E3007 UV Surface Treatment System

The Honeywell UV100E3007 Surface Treatment System Honeywell’s industry leading UV100E3007 ultraviolet lamp with patented Smart Lamp technology. With improved electronics, brown out protection, Snap-Lamp bulb replacement capability and all of Honeywell’s included safety features, the 3007 offers value beyond competitive coil surface treatment UV models. UV100E1037 FEATURES:- Low Cost, Professional Grade, Air Quality Solution- Part of a Complete Comfort Solution! – Kills 99.9% of surface mold- SmartLamp technology cycles lamp every three hours to extend lamp life (this unit does not use an airflow sensor)- Lamp replacement indicator informs when the lamp needs service- Easy Maintenance – Lamp changes are easier and faster than a household light bulb.- Patented Light pipe allows you to quickly and safely check lamp operation.- Patented Lamp replacement indicator informs you when it’s optimum to change the lamp and maintain peak performance.- Patented SmartLamp Cycling Algorithm turns the lamp off and on every three hours to extend lamp life – 99.9% Kill rate against surface mold.- Ensure Safety – Patented Interlock switches ensure proper installation.  Sealed unit protects people from UV-C rays.  – Carries American Lung Association HeathHouse logo.SPECIFICATIONS:Description - SmartLamp Ultraviolet Surface Treatment System, Coil Irradiation Model Application Type  – Coil Irradiation Application Contaminants Reduced – Surface Mold Electrical Ratings - 120 Vac Electrical Rating (Watts) - 36W Operating Temperature (outside Duct F)  30 F to 104 F Operating Temperature (outside Duct C) -2 C to +40 C Operating Temperature (inside Duct F) 30 F to 140 F Operating Temperature (inside Duct C) -2 C to +60 C  
Features :
honeywell Ultraviolet Surface Treatment System
honeywell UV Surface Treatment System
Electrical Ratings 120 Vac
Operating Temperature 30º F to 104º F
Operating Temperature 30º F to 140º F

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