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Hunter 30915 Filter Pack

Hunter 30915 Filter Pack Permanently Charged Electret Filter Effectively Captures 99.97% of Particles as Small as 0.1 Micron in Size from the Air that Passes Through the Filter. The HEPAtech Filter has 3 Different Filters that the Air is Strained Through. *Filter 1 is a Pre-filter – It Removes Large Dust Particles, Lint, and Hair from the Dirty Air. *Filter 2 is the Sub-Micron Filter – It Captures 99.9 % of All Airborne Particles as Small as .1 Microns from the Air. *Filter 3 is the Activated Charcoal Filter – It Absorbs and Help Eliminate Cooking Odors, Musty Air, Tobacco Odors and Pet Related Odors as it Freshens the Air. HEPAtech Replacement Filter Used by the Following Models: 30010, 30025, 30040, 37025
Features :
The HEPAtech filter has 3 different filters that the air is strained through
Filter 1 is a pre-filter that removes large dust particles, lint, and hair from the dirty air
Filter 2 is the sub-micron filter that captures 99.7 % of all airbore particles as small as .1 microns from the air
Filter 3 is the activated charcoal filter that absorbs and helps eliminate cooking odors, musty air, tobacco odors, and pet related odors as it freshens the air

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