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Kenmore Progressive 335 Series Air Cleaner GFP Replacement 83378 Carbon Pre-Filters, 8 Pack

Guaranteed Fit Parts (GFP) 83378 Carbon Pre-Filters are made to replace the expensive original 83378 Sears Kenmore Branded Carbon Pre-Filter. GFP filters are manufactured to exact specifications and features. Sears Kenmore Portable air purifiers are extremely quiet and dependable with Carbon Pre- filters that should be replaced at least once per year for optimal filtration and energy efficiency.
Made to exact specifications to replace the following Sears Kenmore HEPA Air Purifiers: 83200, 83202, 83230, 83354, 53355, 4283200, 4283202, 4283230, 720741, Progressive 295 Series, Progressive 335 Series, and many 106 series models.
GFP also has replacement HEPA Filters to replace Sears Kenmore 83375, and 83376. These filters come with over 95 pleats and you can find the listing by searching the following ASIN Number: B009EZURNC
Features :
Includes: 8 Carbon Pre-Filters
Dimensions: 19 1/4″ x 16 1/4″ x 1/4″
Made by Guaranteed Fit Parts.
Fits Sears Kenmore Progressive 106 Series Models

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