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Mammoth 1000 Pure Home Series 7 Stage HEPA Ionic Carbon TiO2 Ozone Air Purifier- Black

The Mammoth Air 1000 delivers pure and refreshing air ideal for home and office. The Mammoth Air 1000 utalize a 7 stage filtration-Pre-filter, HEPA Filter, Carbon Filter, Photocatalyic Filter, Electronic Ionizers, Ultraviolet (UV), and Ozone Generators; each designed to tackle different pollutant.

HEPA Filtration
True HEPA filtration filters 99.97% of all airborne particles and keeps dust, bacteria, pollen, and mold out of your air.

Carbon Filter
The carbon filter is effective in filtering smoke, VOC’s, airborne chemicals, and odors.

Radial and Needle Point Ion Generator
The ionizer attackes dust and particles floating in the air by participation. 

Germicidal UV Lamps
2 high-intensity UV Lamps destroy organic micro-particles, VOC, pathogens, and germs.

Photocatalytic Oxidation filter Filter coated with titanium dioxide (TiO2) destroy odor-causing compounds through oxidation.

600 sq/ft to 2,500 sq/ft (Passive vs Active Purification)
The Mammoth Air 1000 has optioal On/Off with Ozone. Without Ozone- 600 sq/ft. With Ozone- 2,500 sq/ft.

Silent Operation and Timer
Lowest setting allows for silent operation. Sleep mode auto-dim display and shut off Ozone. Timer for On/Off. Sepereate On/Off control for Ionizer and UV lamps.

Mammoth 3 Year Warranty, Video Tutorials and Support
Owners of Mammoth Air Purifiers are happy customers. Mammoth Air offers great customer support, warranty, as well as video tutorials for quick online help!
Features :
– 7 Filters (All in one): 1. PreFilter 2. HEPA 3. Carbon 4. TiO2 5. UV 6. Ozone 7. Ionizer
– Adjustable Ozone Output: 360mg/h max – UV lights (x2): 365 nm
– Digital Timer for On/Off – CADR: 138 – DOP Filtration efficiency: 99%
– Air Changes per Hour: 150 CFM – Power Usage- 32 Watts to 45 Watts
– 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee/3 Year Warranty

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