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RGF Guardian Air Plug-In PIP-16 Air Purification System

The Guardian Air Plug In Natural Air Purification System provides bacteria, mold, odor and VOCs (chemical odors) reduction. The advantage of the Guardian Air Plug In is its ability to be used in any room and be completely inconspicuous. The Guardian Air Plug In plugs directly into a wall outlet and can be used with or without its internal fan. Because it has its own outlets as part of the unit, you do not lose the wall outlet. The Guardian Air Plug In is an air treatment system not a filter.
Features :
Reduces Airbone: Smoke, Mold, VOC’s, Odors, Bacteria, Viruses.
Plugs into existing outlets – No wiring required.
Economical – Low Maintenance – Light weight – Compact.
Built in night light – Hidden mounting screws prevents theft – Built in electrical outlet.
Two (2) year warranty.

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