Air Purifiers

SHARP Plasmacluster Air Ionizer IG-D230-B Black | (Japan Import)

Sharp’s exclusive and highly esteemed Plasmacluster Ion technology introduced a new system to inactivate airborne viruses. Plasmacluster Ions are now becoming accepted throughout the world as an indispensable air treatment system. The key by-product of positive and negative Ions is Hydroxyl, which robs the airborne particles of the hydrogen necessary to survive. Environmental scientists from around the world now recognize the importance of Hydroxyl as nature’s air cleansing element. In this way, Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion technology replicates the Earth’s natural cleaning system within your personal environment.
Features :
Air purifier with Plasmacluster technology | Power: AC100V (50/60Hz)
For room up to 250 sqft
Approx. Size (Weight): W39xD18xH50cm ( 5.8kg)
A Japanese domestic model and it may require electricity transformer in foreign countries.
Manual is only available in Japanese

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