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Small Space Direct Plug-In Adjustable Ionic Ozone Air Purifier

Moral by Solair is the most innovative small area air purifier on the market today. It is a portable plug in air purifier, equipped with adjustable ozone and negative ionization output system. These are non-chemical deodorizers which are scientifically proven to disinfect the air and eliminate bacteria and other chemicals throughout the area. Moral is ideal for small spaces such as bathrooms, closets, kitchens, laundry rooms, garbage rooms and more. It is highly effective against airborne bacteria, viruses, pet odor, cigarette smoke, mold, mildew and fungus. Its compact and modern design is a great fit for any decor. The simple to use control knob on the side of the unit allows you to regulate the level of ozone being dispersed. Moral is a great unit to take when staying in hotel rooms that could have unwanted viruses and bacteria; it will sanitize and disinfect the area leaving it fresh for you to enjoy.
Features :
Uses ozone and negative ionization, nature’s most powerful deodorizers against airborne bacteria, viruses, pet odor, cigarette smoke, unwanted odors, mold, mildew, and fungus
Coverage: 150 sq. ft
No maintenance required, no batteries to replace, no filters to clean or replace
Compact and portable. Perfect travel companion
Elegant and modern, suitable to fit any decor. Can be used as a night light

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