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Zojirushi PA-FLC07 Replacement Filter Set for PA-LC10 and PA-LAH08K

Zojirushi PA-LTC10 Replacement filter set (includes one HEPA replacement filters and one deodorizing filters) for the Zojirushi PA-MTC10 Ultra Slim Air Purifier. HEPA type filters and Deodorizing Carbon Filters will last for about two years although it depends on the location of the use. Please replace filters at an earlier stage if you feel the efficiency of cleaning air and deodorization is not sufficient or the operation sound becomes noisy. Please replace filters when one of the following incidents happen as they may shorten the life of filters considerable: 1. When the Air Purifier absorbs soot or such kind of substances generated by heating appliances. 2. When the Air Purifier absorbs smoke or odor containing oil or such kind of substances during cooking. 3. When the Air Purifier absorbs a volatile solvent contained in a waxing for floor or in an aromatic. 4. Installation in stores such as coffee shop, barber shop and a beauty shop or in an office. 5. Frequently using the Air Purifier by Continuous Operation mode for long hours. Neither of these filters are not recyclable even if you wash them. Please replace both filters at the same timing.
Features :
Please regularly check the surface of the HEPA type filter. If its color becomes similar to the sample color label affixed inside the main body of the unit, it is time to replace it.
Easy to replace
Please clean the Main Body and the Front Panel when changing the filters.
Replacement Reminder Label included to fill in date changed and affix to product

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