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Household Essentials 2-Tier Tripod Laundry Dryer with Clothesline and Hanging Options

This 2-Tier Tripod Air Dryer with Clothesline tier is one of the simplest ways to go green this season and every season hereafter. This tripod air dryer features a vertical, space-saving design and height adjustment options, so you can position your dryer according to your needs. Its multi-level drying tiers provide the most usable drying space in the least amount of occupational house-space. Your dryer is the second largest appliance that uses electricity in your home. But this tripod air dryer gives you the option to give your dryer a rest, save your pocket book, take care for your clothes and be attentive to Mother Nature. This 2-Tier Tripod Air Dryer has two distinct drying tiers. The top tier features a hole and notch system that holds up to 30 hangers on three arms and includes removable clips for additional hanging options. The lower tier features 19.5 feet of clothesline hanging space around the dryer’s center. The dynamic clothesline tier can be set to different positions to accommodate almost any configuration: leave all four arms in place for full clothesline use; lift one quarter to make space for hanging long garments and line garments; raise one half for even more long garment hanging space; or collapse the entire tier. Our adaptable 2-Tier Tripod Air Dryer gives you all the options you need to air dry your entire wardrobe, saving energy, your pocket and the integrity of your clothes. The dryer is quick and easy to assemble no tools required. And once it is put together, you can collapse it like an umbrella for easy, discrete storage between laundry days. Our environmentally-conscious laundry options bring you the quality and efficiency you need to organize your laundry rooms and re-discover the joys of air-dried linens and garments inside and outside. Setup dimensions are 72″ h x 26″ w x 26″ d. Item No.5014-1.
Features :
2-tier tripod air dryer with clothesline
Vertical, space saving design
Top tier with holes and notches that hold up to 30 hangers
Quick and easy assembly no tools required
72″ h x 26″ w x 26″ d

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