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Chef’s Choice M4623 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Manual Sharpener for Euro-American/Santoku/Serrated Knives

This breakthrough, versatile 3-stage manual knife sharpener is engineered to restore and recreate both a 20 degree edge for European and American style knives and a 15 degree edge for Asian style knives. It will quickly and easily sharpen virtually all quality cutlery including straight edge kitchen and household knives as well as Santoku, sports, pocket and serrated knives. The M4623 features separate sharpening and honing stages to provide razor sharp double bevel edges that are stronger and last longer. All three stages use Chef’s Choice signature 100-Percent diamond abrasives. It requires no guesswork and is fast and easy to use whether you’re right or left-handed. The ergonomic design fits all hands and the slip resistant rubber feet hold fast to the work surface. Made in the USA. Kitchen and sports knives with 20 degree angle start with Stage 2 sharpening then finish in Stage 3 honing. Santoku and other 15 degree edge angles start with Stage 1 sharpening and finish with Stage 3 honing .
Features :
Professional Manual Sharpener creates a super sharp edge on all your knives. (15 degree and 20 degree edges)
Can be used for straight edge kitchen and household knives, Santoku, Sports knives, Pocket knives and Serrated knives
Separate sharpening and honing stages; Create a double beveled edge on your knife that will stay razor sharp and hold its edge longer
100-Percent diamond abrasives used in all 3 stages
Easy to use- fast and safe, the ergonomic handle fits all hands and can be used with the right or left hand

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