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Chicago Cutlery 1063947 Magnetic Knife Storage Strip

Chicago Cutlery Magnetic Knife Storage Strip includes 1-Each magnetic knife storage strip.Chicago Cutlery MagnaStrip Magnetic Storage Strip let’s you choose where you want to store your cutlery. Simply affix this product to any wall, cabinet, etc and you have a safe, convenient storage for your cutlery and other steel gadgets. The powerful magnetic strip can help you organize your tools and find the right one at a glance. You’ve seen them in use in professional kitchens everywhere…now you can have your own.
Features :
From Chicago Cutlery, magnetic knife storage strip for knife organization
Stores knives and other metallic utensils within reach with magnetic attraction; safer for chefs and knives alike
Mounts onto kitchen walls with ease; all hardware included for installation
Chicago Cutlery offers a lifetime guarantee for defective parts or workmanship

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