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MIU France 4-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

This set of four ceramic knives from MIU France are a nice alternative to your stainless steel knives. Ceramic knives are gaining in popularity with both home chefs and professional chefs due to their durability and extreme sharpness; the ceramic blade stays sharper longer than stainless. Another benefit to ceramic is food won’t brown after slicing; no more brown apple slices. Whether you want slice your food thick or thin, ceramic knives will do the task with ease and precision. With the variety of sizes in this set you can tackle just about any slicing, dicing or cutting job that arises. The four ceramic knives included in this package are: 3″, 3.75″, 4.5″ and 6″. Item #94044
Features :
Set of four ceramic knives: 3″, 3.75″, 4.5″, 6″
Ceramic stays sharper longer than steel.
Ceramic blade won’t rust.
Prevents food from browning after slicing.
Hand washable.

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