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Professional Cutting Board: Best Eco-Friendly Green Gift- Wood Composite- Better than Plastic Bamboo Glass or Hardwood- Custom Cutting Board Protects Knives- No Need to Oil- Perfect for Your Kitchen Countertop- Made in USA- Guarantee and Bonus Included

*The smartest purchase you can make for your kitchen

Keep your knives sharp and kitchen glamorous w/ this premium professional-grade cutting board

– Gently scores: Your knives stay sharp
– Dishwasher Safe
– Heat Resistant: You can use it as a hotpad
– Beautiful: Doubles as a serving tray
– FSC certified 100% recycled wood composite: Won’t warp, split, or crack
Made in the USA

Why spend $50 on an ‘okay’ meal out, when you can spend ½ that at home and eat like a king?
Imagine making dinner with your friends and family, laughing and enjoying your time together while you chop tomatoes on your Adventuresome Kitchen Premium Cutting Board. Your friends ask why your knives are in such good condition. You show them your board and how it gently scores- protecting your knives. They Ooh and Ahh over how gorgeous the board is and how it hasn’t splintered or warped in the dishwasher. It’s made with FSC certified 100% recycled wood composite, so they congratulate you on making an environmentally smart choice. They like your board so much, they want one too!

You feel great because you’ve helped keep US jobs at home.

Only premium cutting board backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Bonus Included: Easy, delicious, gourmet recipe will have everyone thinking you went to culinary school!

Click the “Buy” button on the top of this page now Get your free recipe, protect your knives, countertops, and most importantly- start having fun in your kitchen!

Life is Too Short to Eat Bad Food!

Limited-Edition Supply: Only 80 premium cutting boards with this special logo. Buy now to get yours.
Features :
Premium Professional Level Cutting Board Won’t Warp, Split, Crack, Stain, or Mold after Repeated Use
Saves You Time and Money: Protects Your Kitchen’s Most Valuable Asset- Your Knives
Maintains its Beauty: Looks Great on Your Countertop, Heat Resistant so it Can be Used as a Hot Pad or a Serving Tray
Lightweight, Durable and Virtually Maintenence Free- Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Store
Made in the USA, Antimicrobial, FSC Certified, 100% Recycled Wood Composite, No Formaldehyde or VOC’s

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