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Agri-Fab 18-Inch x 36-Inch Poly Tow Lawn Roller 45-0268

Restore a lawn’s smooth appearance after flooding or eliminate frost heaves with this heavyweight lawn roller from Agri-Fab. Users fill the roller’s drum with up to 400 pounds of water or sand and hook it up behind a tractor. The tractor tows the roller over lawns and fields, flattening uneven grass or leveling new soil in 36-inch wide swathes. Rolling may also help plant new seeds for uniform growth and eliminate mole holes.

The roller’s drum is crafted in a sturdy polyethylene, which resists dents, rust, and weather damage. Powder-baked paint provides further protection. Agri-Fab welded the seams on the drum with rounded edges to prevent any uneven grooves while also providing a leak-proof seal. A brass plug closes the 1-inch filling hole. To remove debris, the roller includes a poly scraper bar. A center baffler provides additional stability to ensure the polyethylene drum does not flex and loose its shape. A hitch pin accompanies the roller to accommodate a trouble-free hook up. The roller is shipped without fill for easy transportation. Users who fill the roller drum with water should drain the drum before winter to ensure the water does not freeze and crack the polyethylene. For user who prefer to fill with sand, Agri-Fab recommends filling the drum only halfway full. To tow the filled roller, a vehicle with a 12 HP engine or greater is required. Towing on hills is highly unadvisable. The roller was manufactured in the USA. A limited one-year warranty may be available for this item. The roller drum spans 36 inches wide with an 18-inch diameter.
Features :
Durable poly 18″ diameter, 36″ wide roller drum
400 lbs weight with water to help flatten uneven grass and level new soil in 36″ wide swaths
Less than 50 lbs without water for easy storage and transport
Includes removable drain plug and poly scraper bar; center baffler provides additional stability
Roller drum crafter in sturdy polyethylene with powder-baked paint resists dents, rust and weather damage

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