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Trichloroethylene High Purity Solvent 16oz (500ml)

CAS No.: 79-01-6 Chemical Formula: ClCH:CCl’ Melting Point: -85° C Specific Gravity 1.463 Boiling Point: 87° C Percent Volatile by Volume: 100 Vapor Pressure: 61 @ 20° C Evaporation Rate: onfromation not available Vapor Density: 4.5 Evaporation Standard: Solubility in Water: Immiscible with water Auto ignition Temperature: 788° F Appearance and Odor: Clear liquid, sweet chloroform odor Lower Flamm. Limit in Air: 12.5 Flash Point: N/A Upper Flamm. Limit in Air: 90
Features :
500ml, 16oz, 1pt
Amber Glass Bottle
High Purity Reagent Grade Solvent
Ships UPS Ground (ORM-D) NO PO BOXES

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