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10-ft. Double Water Tubes Weights for IG Pool Covers (Blue)

Heavy-duty durable vinyl water tubes that won’t break or split! Double chamber water tubes are better able to stay securely in place and won’t roll like single-chamber alternatives. An added benefit is that if one side becomes punctured, there is still enough weight from the other chamber to hold your cover down — no rush to replace a water tube in cold weather. These vinyl bags are up to 35% heavier than other versions on the market and yield significantly more strength and puncture-resistance. Our double chamber water tubes feature no-leak valves and are easy to fill using a standard garden hose.
Features :
One 10 ft. dual chamber water bag
35% heavier than other versions on the market
Tubes feature no-leak valves that makes them easy to fill with a garden hose
Do not fill more than half-way to allow for freeze expansion

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