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20-Year 28 ft Round Pool Winter Covers With Cover Clips

This winter cover boasts an extraordinary fabric coating that provides superior seam strength, high tear and puncture resistance, and is impervious to chlorine and other chemical stains. With its revolutionary super-tight inner scrim weave construction, this cover is 30% lighter than other covers while being up to 50% stronger! Comes complete with heavy-duty vinyl coated cable and metal winch. Please order by pool size, includes a 4-foot overlap to accommodate an 18-inch water drop. Color is tan. Includes cover clips to help hold cover in place even during windy conditions. 20-Year Warranty – the first 5-Years Full on workmanship and material delimitation.
Features :
Covers are 30% lighter than other covers, while being up to 50% stronger
Winter covers include a 4-foot overlap to accommodate an 18 in. water drop
An attractive tan color that matches most backyard decors
20 Year Warranty, 5 years full
Includes 45 cover clips that secure cover to top rail, preventing wind from getting under the cover

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