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Blue Wave Double Chamber 8ft Water Tube for In-Ground Swimming Pools – 10 Pack

Water tubes are essential to holding down your pool cover. They serve as extra protection to keep your swimming pool cover above your pool and not in it! Blue Waves 8 ft double chamber water tubes are composed of rugged 18 gauge material and will not split like thinner 14- or 16-gauge bags. Double chamber tubes are non-rolling so they wont fall onto the ground or the pool cover. The double chamber creates extra weight, added balance and increased protection. Double chamber tubes are also less likely to freeze in the winter. The high quality Halkey Roberts no-leak valves are easily filled with a garden hose. Up to 33 percent heavier than other bags, these tubes will stand up to the competition!
Features :
Double Chamber 8 Ft. Water Tube
Sold in 10 Pack
Added weight of double chamber means added protection
18-Gauge Material Will Not Split like Lighter Weight Bags
Halkey Roberts No-Leak Valves Easily Filled with Garden Hose

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