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Energy Saver 1500 GPH Intex Filter Pump System

Efficient water filtration is essential for clean pool water and a quality swim experience. This Intex 1,500 gph filter pump will circulate and filter your above ground pool’s water removing most suspended debris.

This filter pump is recommended for Intex 18′, 16′ and 15′ Easy SetTM pools, Frame SetTM pools, Ellipse Oval pools, Rectangular Frame pools and similar sized swimming pools from other manufacturers.

The hoses included with this pool pump have an inside diameter of 1.5″ and are 5′ in length. Pools not manufactured by Intex and non-standard pools may require plumbing adapters which may be purchased at your local hardware or pool store in order to connect the hoses to your pool.

Installation couldn’t be easier-simply connect the hoses and plug your filter pump into a 110 to 120 volt outlet.

The air release valve featured on this pool pump eliminates air trapped inside the filter chamber and this swimming pool pump has a sediment flush valve at the bottom of the filter chamber for easier maintenance.

The Intex 1500 gph filter pump uses type “A” Intex filters (product #59900E).

This pool filtration pump has a 1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer, Intex®. Any warranty claim must be submitted to the manufacturer. For warranty inquiries please call the Intex Consumer Hot line at 1-800-234-6839, Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm Pacific time.

You will still need to chlorinate your above ground pool’s water and we strongly recommend Intex’s automatic pool chlorine generator – you’ll never have to buy chlorine again! Chlorine generator is sold separately.
Features :
Filters 1,500 gallons per hour using an Intex type “A” cartridge.
Recommended for Intex 15′, 16′ and 18′ pools with 1.5″ ports.
Will fit smaller inTex pools with the addition of hose adapters.
Includes built-in timer and one filter cartridge.
Includes a 1 year warranty through Intex.

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