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Hayward C4025 SwimClear 425-Square-Foot Large-Capacity Cartridge Pool Filter

HEAVY DUTY CLEANING CAPACITY TO PROVIDE FOR EXTRA LONG CLEANING CYCLES-Up to An Entire Season Without Cleaning! Super Star Clear features the new over-sized Quad-Cluster cartridge element system with a heavy duty, tamper-proof, bolted center flange clamp that makes keeping your pool clearer and servicing the elements faster and simpler! Quad-Cluster of high-quality polyester cartridge elements provide 200, 300, 400, or 500 square feet of filter area for extra dirt-holding capacity and long filter cycles. All tanks molded of durable Perma Glass XL to provide years of corrosion-free performance.
Features :
High capacity, rapid release manual air relief valve bleeds air with a quick quarter turn of the lever.
Filter tanks made from extra durable glass reinforced co-polymer to meet the demands of the toughest applications and environmental conditions, including in-floor cleaning systems.
Self-aligned tank top and bottom make access to serving the Quad-Cluster cartridge elements fast and simple
Heavy-duty, tamper-proof, one-piece clamp securely fastens tank top and bottom. Allows quick access to internal area.
Non-corrosive top closure plate prevents elements from lifting and allowing unfiltered water to by-pass into pool or spa during operation

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