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Hayward CX800RE Replacement Cartridge Element

When water passes through a cartridge filter, dirt is screened out at the surface of the cartridge element. When clean, the element will trap larger particles, with finer particles being filtered out as the pores of the element become clogged by the larger debris. The cartridge element can be removed and cleaned by pressure washing inside and out with a garden hose. Cartridge filter replacement element 75 Square feet is designed to use with Hayward Star-Clear Cartridge Filter. Filter element measures 8-1/2 inch outside diameter by 17-3/8 inch height. Weighs 5.1 pounds.
Features :
High-quality, reinforced polyester elements provide maximum filtration area and easily trap dirt and debris.
Precision-engineered extruded core design provides maximum water flow while reducing energy cost.
Consistent with Hayward high quality and compatible with all Hayward specified chemicals.
Individually packaged with the Hayward name on end caps and plastic wrap to identify as genuine Hayward parts.
Diversified sizes to meet both above-ground or in-ground cartridge filter applications.
Filter element replacement to trap dirt and debris
Fits star-clear ii cartridge filter.
Weighs 5.1 pounds.

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