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Hot Tub Thermal Cover

The Thickest Floating Foam Thermal Spa/Hot Tub Blanket on the Net

6ft x 6ft Square 1/2″ Thick

?Floats on your spa’s water surface, lightweight, durable and twice as thick as the competition

?Reduce monthly heating bills save $$$ significantly reduces heat loss and evaporation. When used in conjunction with a hard cover this blanket has amazing results!

?Easily cut to size, fits 95% of all hot tubs and is easily trimmed to the perfect size of your tub (measure inside of spa)

?Closed Cell Foam insulates better and will not bunch up or fall apart like bubble blankets.

?Protects your expensive hard cover from chemical damage. When your spa isn’t used every day, ozone gas quickly saturates the water and through condensation, the gases rise and are trapped by your spa cover. Ozone gas can be very corrosive and can deteriorate the underside of your spa cover and make it waterlog

?Our Blankets are made of one piece of foam not “welded” together
Features :
Floats on your spa’s water surface
Protects your expensive hard cover from chemical damage.
Easily cut to size
Reduce monthly heating bills save $$$
Closed Cell Foam

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