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Pool Boy® Powered Solar Blanket Reel

Finally, a solar reel that can be operated at the touch of a button! The Pool Boy® Powered Solar Blanket Reel provides a fast and convenient way to cover and uncover your pool, eliminating hand cranking and tugging on solar blankets! At the heart of the Pool Boy® design is the remote operation system which features a low voltage transformer that simply plugs in to any standard 115 volt GFCI outlet. The handheld remote control is completely waterproof and floats. The reel system features heavy duty aluminum tubes and powder coated adjustable bases with multiple mount holes for the hubs that allow the Pool Boy® system to adjust to diving board height or length of solar blanket. Designed for pools up to 20 ft. wide, the Pool Boy® Remote Control Solar Blanket Reel includes a hand held remote wiring harness, electronics, and tether kit.
Features :
40 ft. cable runs from the transformer to the motor inside the drive stand
Manual override capabilities
Adjustable roller height and stands
One year warranty
FCC compliant

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