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Pool Cove Peel and Stick 48in – 19 Pack for 24ft Round and 15ft x 30ft Oval Above Ground Pools

Add years of life to your liner as simple as Peel and Stick! No more hand formed sand or dirt coves that are uneven and can wash out! The Peel and Stick Pool Cove keeps its shape and is quick and easy to install – just peel the adhesive backing and lay the cove inside the circumference of your pool wall. Pool coves are a vital part of your pool as they keep the weight of the water in the pool liner from causing it to balloon out under the bottom of the pool wall. Pool coves were previously made by using brick sand to hand form a gently curved pool wall. However, liners can prematurely fail due to cove washouts and corrosion could occur where metal components come in contact with moisture in the sand or dirt. The Peel and Stick Pool Cove is made of chemically neutral foam so it helps fight corrosion and prevents excessive stretching and premature wearing to your liner. Accommodates wall stretch to help prevent liner tearing and leaking. So say goodbye to the dated sand coves of yesterday and get the Peel and Stick Pool Cove today!
Features :
Peel and Stick Pool Cove – 48in Long with an Adhesive Backing for Quick and Easy Installation / 19 Pack for 24ft Round and 15ft x 30ft Oval Above Ground Pools
Adds Years of Life to Your Liner – Seals the Space Between the Wall and Pool Liner to Prevent Liner Strain – Helps Prevent Excessive Stretching and Premature Wearing
Pool Cove Sits Around the Bottom and Inside the Circumference of Your Above Ground Pool Wall Before Installing Your New Liner
Made from Chemically-Neutral Foam – Helps Fight Corrosion
Compatible with All Vinyl Liners

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