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Poolmaster 18508 Basic Curved Vinyl Liner Vacuum Head, 10-5/8-Inch

Since 1958, Poolmaster, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket pool and spa products, has had an unwavering commitment to quality, service and reliability. Poolmaster offers functional and recreational products across six different product lines- Backyard and Decor, Inflatables, Floats, Maintenance, Swim and Dive and Toys and Games. The Poolmaster Maintenance Basic Collection consists of the essential products for pool and spa maintenance. Basic items include skimmers and rakes, brushes and poles, vacuums and hoses, water treatment tools, and accessories made in various styles, sizes, and materials. Items from the Basic Collection are constructed with durable materials designed to keep your pool sparkling. The Basic Curved Vinyl Liner Vacuum has weather resistant materials, a durable body with premier bristles to brush and vacuum simultaneously.
Features :
Sturdy low profile design
High impact plastic body
Ease-adapt handle fits standard 1-1/4-Inch pole
Fits 1-1/4-Inch and 1-1/2-Inch vacuum hose
Full perimeter brushes of polypropylene

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