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Portable Therapeutic Folding SPA Home Steam Sauna Detox Heat Therapy Weight Lose

This Unique High Quality Portable Steam Sauna with exclusive beneficial features, finally can be affordable and used in privacy of your home or apartment or any living environment without large spaces and special communications for it.

This product uses the steam about 45 C (113 deg Fahrenheit ) which can relax your skin and internal organs.It’s design include the most desirable features the expansive and fancy Saunas have. Sit in a chair and jip up to enclosed the steam, hand holes allow a book to be ready while enjoying the bath. The only additional items that are needed are a towel, a small seat (a plastic garden chair or a wooded stool is ideal) and plain tap water.When finished, any small amount of condensing water that is produced can easily be wiped up with a towel from the inside of the bath tub.

Use hot steam which in suitable temperature as intermediary, help expending capillary vessel, improving blood circulation; reducing the blood stickiness and promoting human body’s metabolism. At the same time through drain off large sweat, get rid of the inner accumulated fatness and cure cold and rheumatism. So it has functions as following; drain off sweat and toxin; lose wight ; relief pain ; protect health and improve sleep .

With separated steam generator and bathtub design, our product supply more safety for user. While using, one can add plaint oil, fresh flower, which can take you not only health but also beauty.

It only takes minutes to set up . Very convenient way to keep yourself healthy without worrying about space problem. The tent is with fast inflating and deflating patent design.
Features :
Space Saver affordable Portable Sauna, a perfect fit for Weight loss (calories)
Strengthens cardiovascular system, Increases blood circulation
Reduces stress / fatigue and energizes
Strengthens your immune system, increases Energy
Comes with everything you need to set up and use immediately.

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