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Purity Pool PPSLT Pelican Pro 18-Inch Open-Mouth Professional Leaf Rake, Silt Model

The pros know quality, and more pool service professionals use Purity Pool leaf rakes than any other service nets in the industry. As a family business founded in 1961 by an experienced service pro, Purity Pool makes the most efficient and long-lasting leaf rakes available anywhere. Don’t be fooled by other manufacturers who use catchy names or put the words “professional” or “commercial” in their ads. Buy what the real pros use every day and you’ll never regret it. The 18-inch Pelican Pro as an open-mouth shape, preferred by some professionals for its ease of aiming. The Silt bag collects the finest debris that would slip right through the holes of standard mesh bags.
Features :
Longest lasting plastic rims in the industry
Specially treated aluminum alloy frame is strong and lightweight
Backing panel to protect softer net from abrasion
Safe for all types of pools; Will not mar or scratch pool surfaces
Handcrafted in the usa with pride

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