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S.R. Smith 66-209-208S2-1 Glas-Hide Replacement Diving Board, 8-Feet, Radiant White

S.R. Smith’s 8-Feet Glas-Hide replacement diving board is the finest all-purpose board available. It features a solid, edge to edge laminated wood core that is heavily reinforced by fiberglass and covered on top with smooth acrylic. The underside of all Glas-Hide boards are covered and protected with special laminating resins. The Glas-Hide board provides the same non-slip, sanded tread as seen on other S.R.Smith boards and is pre-drilled with two holes for ease in installation. All S.R.Smith boards come with a how-to diving instructional video to ensure maximum safety when using your board.
Features :
Douglas fir laminated core
The Glas-Hide features an outer acrylic skin and colorfast surface with embossed texture resists marring. Also available in 6-Feet and 10-Feet lengths
Matching SureFoot non-slip tread for maximum safety
The Glas-Hide board retrofits onto the 608 Cantilever and 658 Supreme stands
S.R.Smith has been the leading diving board manufacturer for over 75 years
Its important that your replacement diving board is from the same brand/manufacturer as the one being replaced

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