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Solaxx CLG02A Saltron Mini Drop-in Salt Chlorine Generator for Swim Spas and Spas Up to 2000-Gallon

Saltron MINI Spa Sanitation System produces a pure form of chlorine by electrolysis of salt (NaCl) in order to sanitize your spa water. This portable chlorine generator for spas converts to chlorine to kill bacteria after which the chlorine converts back to salt. The process is repeated over and over by the Saltron MINI. The salt concentration used is very low (less than that in a human tear). Chlorine output can be easily adjusted by the timer on the power supply unit. One Saltron MINI unit can treat up to 600 gallons of spa water or up to a 2000 gallon swim spa. Saltron MINI does not rely on the spa filter and pump system to be active. It includes a programmable digital timer to adjust chlorine output and LED indicator lights illuminate for easy salt level reference. The commercial grade titanium cell plates reverse polarity to keep the cell clean and prevents scaling. It is easy to set-up and no installation or plumbing is required. Imagine, no more purchasing, transportation or storage of chlorine. No more skin irritations and itchy red eyes. Saltron MINI is eco-friendly and use a very minimal amount of electricity.
Features :
For Any Spa or Swim-Spas up to 2,000 Gallons
Cell Polarity Auto Reverses to Prevent Scaling
Helps Maintain Constant Sanitizer Level
Programmable Digital Timer
Mere 3,000 ppm Salt to Operate

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