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Swimming Pool Winterizing Chemical Kit – Up to 35,000 Gal.


Unlike chlorine-based winterizing pool chemical kits that reduce the effectiveness of algaecide and other winterizing chemicals and can stain and bleach pool walls or damage pool liners, these kits use non-chlorine based chemicals. Kits contain a time-release floater that releases a powerful non-chlorine oxidizer into your pool for weeks after it’s closed. This unique oxidizer robs the water of carbon dioxide – one of algae’s primary food sources. No staining, no bleaching… just clean water! In addition, the powerful non-chlorine shock kills any contaminants. All kits are pre-measured for the specified pool size. Ensure peace of mind this fall with a top-quality non-chlorine winterizing kit from. It includes complete winterizing instructions. Don’t under-estimate your pool’s capacity, it’s better to have more chemicals than not enough! Not for use in pools on a biguanide based sanitizing system.
Features :
NOTE: This item cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. If your shipping address is in Alaska or Hawaii, this item will be removed from your order
For use with pools up to 35,000 gallons only. Kits use non-chlorine based chemicals
Contains: 1 qt. Winterizing inhibitor, 1 qt. Winter stain-away, 3 lbs. Chlorine-free shock…
…1 super sanitizing floater-filled with 4 lbs. of non-chlorine oxidizer and 1 Winter Sorb sponge
Not for use in pools on a biguanide based sanitizing system

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