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LG Electronics 6615JB2002R Refrigerator Thermistor Temperature Sensor

LG 6615JB2002R Refrigerator Thermistor Temperature Sensor. For use with the following LG Electronics models: LRSC26912SW, LRSC26940SB, LSC26905SB, LSC26905SW, LSC26905TT, LRSC26940SW, LRSC21935SB, LRSC21935TT, LRSC26930TT, GRL207MSU, LRSC26922SB, GRG267AVBA, GRL267ATBA, LRSC26922SW, GRL267BTR, LRSC26912TT, LRSPC2031T, LRSC26922TT, LSC27921SB, LRSPC2031W, LSC27931SB, GML277USQH, LRSPC2331W, GRL267ATBT, GRL267BVR, GML277USRH, LSC27921ST, LSC21943ST, LSC27931ST, LSC27921SW, LSC27931SW, LSC27921TT, GRL267ATFA, GRL267BSPA, LSC27991TT, GML267BVRA, GRD277STSA, LRSC26923SW, GML277UTQH, GRL277SVVA, GRL267BTPA, GRL207ERA, GRL207TRA, GRL267ATRA, LRSC21934SB, GRL267AVBA, GRL267DTR, GRG277STSA, LRSC26944SW.
Features :
LG Electronics part number 6615JB2002R
Refrigerator Thermistor Temperature Sensor
For use of some LG Electronics models
Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part

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