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SunDanzer DCRF134 Solar Freezer and Refrigerator C….

The SunDanzer DCRF134 DC solar powered refrigerator and freezer unit provides freezing and refrigeration in a convenient upright position ideal for any remote outdoor application. Whether storing food, consumables, medical supplies or any other product that require refrigeration the SunDanzer DCRF134 can meet that challenge. As a combination solar freezer and solar refrigerator, the SunDanzer DCRF134 is an ideal solar product for your home or commercial storage needs. You no longer have to purchase a freezer and a refrigerator on your next camping trip with the SunDanzer!

The SunDanzer DCRF134 is an energy efficient storage unit with a total refrigerator capacity of 4.7 cubic feet. The solar freezer compartment can freeze products and is perfect for making ice with a total capacity of 19 liters or 0.7 cubic feet. The low energy consumption of the SunDanzer DCRF134 allows refrigeration in remote locations or where it is prohibitively more expensive. Made with CFC-free refrigerant and a scratch resistant housing, the SunDanzer DCRF134 is an excellent solar refrigerator and freezer combination!
Features :
4.7 cubic feet
Reversible door and handle
Separated compartments
Scratch resistant housing

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