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Sunpentown SO-2007 Convection Oven with Wok Base and Nano-Carbon and FIR Heating Element

Nano-Carbon Fiber and FIR (Far Infrared) heating element is the newest in heating technology. It has the capability of reaching 1832°F in one second, while traditional heating elements average 1,292°F in three minutes. Reinforced by quartz glass for fast heat conduction and radiation. Emits FIR wavelengths of 3um to 20um.
Features :
Convection oven with Nano-Carbon Fiber and FIR heating element
12-liter non-stick wok base; adjustable heat up to 480 degrees F
2 built-in fans for even heating; 60-minute timer; safety handle switch
No defrosting required; wok stand, lid, tongs, and 2 cooking racks included
Measures approximately 14 by 18 by 9 inches; 1-year limited warranty

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