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21st Century Model 158 Fiberglass Kerosene Heater Wick

21st Century’s Fiberglass Kerosene Heater Wicks are made of graphite coated fiberglass, a re-inforced cloth band and the highest quality cotton. Wick Model 158 fits Kero-sun DC-80, OMNI 85 (B,C, I, J), RAD10 (N), RAD 40, RAD 101, SUNSTREAM II, Sears 56350210, 56351350, Toyostove DCM, DC-80, DR-86, DR-86(F), RSA-850, RCA-87, SC-150, SR-400, OMNI 851, Toyoset RADIANT 101, RAO FAN 110, RAD FAN, 111 OMN1200 Contact us for a free cross reference chart..
Features :
High quality cotton
Graphite coated fiberglass
Multiple set lines

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