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4 in 1 1500W watt Quartz Infrared Heater Humidifier – Black

Welcome to a more comfortable, efficient way of heating your living spaces during cold weather! The 4 in 1 heater is the most complete and advance space heating system on the market. It heats using an infrared PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) element that heats the air efficiently without drying it out. It purifies your air with HEPA filter. At the same time it will kill bacteria with PCO technology that features a high power germicidal UVC bulb and photocatalytic filter. Both function will reduce mold, bacteria, and viruses (even on surfaces) so the months spent with doors and windows closed no longer mean time spent in a stuffy indoor environment.

The 4 in 1 heater is designed to provide years of troubl-free service when used and maintained accordingly.

The new Generation 4 in 1 Infrared Heater/ HEPA Plasma Purifier/ Sterilization/ Humidifier is a unique combination of state of the art infrared heating technology, most effective HEPA+Plasma air purification technology, time-tested PCO sterilizing technology and comfortable humidification function. The first time DC inverter tech used. It will makes your room warm, clean air and perfect humidity with saving money on your electrical bill!
Features :
4 in 1, Infrared Heater/ HEPA Plasma Purifier/ Sterilization/ Humidifier
Powerful heater, 1500W, up to 5600BTU, cover up to 1000 square foot
Compact Design, only sized at 16 inch x 13 inch x 16.63 inch; Quiet operation, noise Level 25-42db; Overheat/ Tip-Over Safety shut off
High efficient HEPA filter remove 99.5% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in size; The PCO cell stervilizing technology removes offensive odors from the room while killing harmful germs and bacteria to create a purified, healthy and comfortable breathing enviroment
This is the exact same heater selling at Costco for $250!

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