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Cozy-Heater 400 Watt Wall Mounted Electric Heater with Heat shield

Wall mounted panel heaters are Safe and Economical and work on the priciple of Convective Heat Transfer. The Panels are mounted to a wall (in the desired room and location) using the hardware provided and simple do-it-yourself installation instructions.
Principle of Heat Convection – Hot air rises and gets displaced by cooler air. The panel heater uses this principle to create convective air currents within the room. These currents, gradually move warmer air around the room and create a uniform ambient temperature.
Panel heaters do not have in-built fan or any other moving part. Therefore, there is no noise and no stirred-up dust. This eliminates airborne dust problem and is ideal for people suffering from asthma or allergy issues.
Features :
International Standard Compliant – The panels have ETL approval of UL 2021 standards (certification for USA) and also approval of IEC 60335-2 (certification for Canada) and are also RoHS Compliant.
Quality Control – Each and every heating panel is hand-finished and heat tested.
Pioneer – First company to offer 600 Watt size heating panel.
Safe to touch – Has no exposed heating element and hence safe for Children and Pets.
Higher Impact Strength – Fiber glass mat is sandwiched in every panel, which provides extra insulation and higher impact strength.

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