Space Heaters

DLUX Space Heater Parabolic Dish 17″ Diameter, Oscillating Reflective Halogen Radiant Infrared, Telescoping Stand, Energy Saving

Deluxe,Oscillating Reflective Heater features high and low heat settings. Replicates the sun, heating surfaces instead of the air. Low temperature surface with instant silent and odorless powerful heat. Reflective heaters are a very safe and healthy method of heating. They use no combustion to deplete oxygen from the air and no fans that can distribute smoke and dust. Excellent choice for drafty rooms. Overheat and tip-over safety protection. 1 hour timer and telescoping stand along with remote control make this a all around great purchase.
Features :
Powerful and energy savings at 450 and 900 Watts
Tmer 60 min automatic off
Rotating or oscillating fan-like heater
Telescoping stand height 30 – 35″ from floor

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