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EdenPURE Space Saver Quartz Infrared Heater


Ships UPS from Ohio
Call 1-877-432-8639 For Product Information

Our infrared heater warms the room you’re using, so you can turn down the house heat and save on your heating bill. It can warm up to 1000 square feet and has two heat settings-1000 watt and 1300 watt-that let you choose a comfortable heat based on the room size. The Space Saver is safe to use around children and pets because there are no exposed heating element. And the compact, portable design makes it easy to move from room to room. The SpaceSAVER uses EdenFLOWTM technology, a patented technology that uses SYLVANIA infrared heating elements to heat a copper exchanger that gently warm the air without burning away oxygen and humidity. The result is an extremely energy-efficient process that produces healthy, soft, penetrating heat while using less energy-saving you money.
Features :
The EdenPURE® SpaceSAVER contains ultra-efficient copper heat exchangers, which are safe, durable and clean
A Patented EdenFLOW infrared heating process provides comfortable warmth wihtout drying the air
Automatic Low Power Energy Saving Mode and a lifetime washable filter
Made in the U.S.A
Space-saving design take up litte room and makes the heater design easy to move

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