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Fahrenheat/Marley WHT500 Utility Well House Heater

Install anywhere heat is needed to prevent pipes, pumps, and other water, hydraulic fluid, or oil filled equipment from freezing. Designed to provide automatic 24 hour heat protection. Maintenance free and can be left unattended all winter long, ideal for remote locations. Steel sheath, aluminum finned element provides fast heat distribution. Thermostat is completely contained within the control box. Temperature control range is 40 to 70 F. Neutral gray epoxy painted galvanized steel cabinet encloses the element. Adaptable to 120V or 240/208V supply. Shipped wired for 240/208V, field conversion to 120V is quick and easy. 500W/240V, 376W/208V, 500W/120V. UL listed. 5 year warranty.
Features :

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