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Lakewood EP-2000 Ultra-Thin Dual-Power 1000/1500-Watt Flat-Panel Heater with Electrothemic Technology

The Lakewood Model EP-2000 is a Sleek and Durable, Flat Panel Heater with 2 heat settings (1000w or 1500w) for energy and money savings. The unique and contemporary design saves floor space, while the large wheels make the unit easily portable and a good fit for just about any environment. The EP-2000 uses an infrared wavelength for better heat protection. The quiet electrothemic technology is up to 20% more efficient than the micathermic models on the market. The unit has a thermostat that cycles the heat on and off to keep your space at a continuous, comfortable temperature. Safety features include auto shut-off overheat protection and auto shut off in case of tip over. The EP-2000 comes with a one year warranty.
Features :
Ultra-thin flat-panel heater with quiet, electrothemic technology
Energy-efficient infrared wavelength for better heat protection
2 heat settings; thermostat maintains comfortable temperature
Overheat and tip-over protection with automatic shut-off
Measures 4 by 28-2/5 by 22-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

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