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Optimus H-3010 Portable Utility Heater

This Portable Utility Heater has Three Heat Settings ( 500, 1000. and 1500 watts) and a 5-Positon Function Switch ( Off, Fan, Lo, Med, Hi ) that lets you control the amount of heat needed. Comes equipped with an Internal Heat Limiting Thermostat and Thermal Cut-off Safety Device to prevent over heating of unit.Overheat Protection Circuit ensures added safety. Cabinet is Constructed of Durable Heavy Gauge Sheet Metal and has a Built-in Handle for easy portability.
Features :
3 Heat Setting Portable Utility Heater
Internal Heat Limiting Thermostat w/ Therma Cut-off Safety Device
5-Position Function Switch ( Off, Fan, Lo, Med, Hi)
Overheat Protection Circuit with Warning Alert Light
Pendullum Tip-Over Safety Switch

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