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Q-Mark CRA1512T2 120 Volt Electric Wall Heater With 1500 Watts

For a heater that is suitable for almost any room, try the Q-Mark CRA1512T2 Electric Wall Heater. They have a patented Clip-N-Flip feature that allows the installer to change the wattage of the heater to a lower output without moving the jumper wire. This is useful because each heater is factory wired for its maximum wattage.

Dual protection is present on the Q-Mark CRA1512T2 electric wall heater in the form of a thermal cutout with indicator light and a onetime thermal fuse. Also for your safety the heater is UL and CUL listed. It is designed for recessed installation and can also be semi-recessed or surface mounted on walls. You?ll need a surface mounting frame to surface mount.

The Q-Mark CRA1512T2 Electric Wall Heater helps you defend your home against cold weather. For quick heat and low maintenance, this heater has a fast response coil element. Also, for ease of installation it has three piece construction. The European styling gives way to sleek rounded corners for an attractive setup in your home. It also has an elegant Northern white finish.
Features :
Has a thermal cutout with indicator light and one time thermal fuse for dual protection.
Has a northern white finish.
Designed for recessed installation.
Can be semi-recessed or surface mounted on walls with the assistance of a surface mounting frame.
Has a fast response coil element for quick heat and low maintenance.

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