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Redcore R2 IR Heater Black

A stylish 1500 Watt infrared room heater with Perfect Roomâ„¢ Technology An infrared heating element so advanced it comes with a lifetime limited warranty! The RedCoreTM Concept R-2 is a contemporary portable room heater with advanced infrared technology that can reduce home heating bills dramatically. Heat the rooms you live in most often while turning down the thermostat in the rest of your house! The Concept R-2 is packed with features found in heaters typically costing twice the price: integrated LCD panel displaying both Actual and Desired temperature; two-speed fan; three room settings; remote control; tip-over control and more.
Features :
1501 Watt/120 V System
ROOM SETTINGS Adjustable: Small (500 Watt); Medium (1000 Watt); Large (1500 Watt)
Integrated LCD display with touch-button operation and remote control
Electronic automatic thermostat with 60-90F range. Thermostat display shows both Actual and Desired temperatures
Tip-Over Control automatically shuts off heater if tipped over.

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