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SpeedHeat Rugbuddy 470 Under Rug Space Heater, 5.5′ X 8′

The only portable area rug heater available today.

NOTE: You MUST use a rug on top and a rug pad below. Follow instructions closely.

For primary heating, cover 75-80% of open space.

Simply place the extremely thin (less than 1/16″) heater under your area rug and plug in.

Can also be used with a timer or hard-wired with a thermostat. Safety assured by the IEC, radiant heating is also endorsed by the US Department of Energy.
Features :
Energy Efficient: 470 watts – less energy than 5 lightbulbs.
Safe: No risk of fire, overheating, or shock.
Invisible: Hidden under area rug.
Save energy by lowering your central heater settings.
Save energy by only heating the rooms you are using.

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