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TPI Corporation OCH46-120V-SS Quartz Electric Infrared Heater, Outdoor/Indoor Rated, Stainless Steel, 1500W, 120V

The TPI Corporation OCH46-120V quartz electric infrared heater operates at 1.5kW, has a frosted quartz infrared tube that helps provide even distribution of radiant heat from ceiling to floor, and a stainless steel housing that helps resist corrosion and is rated for suspended, exposed outdoor use or indoor spot heating by Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL, a division of Intertek Group PLC). The reflector is made of gold anodized aluminum that helps provide efficient transfer of radiant energy into the room or workspace in a 60-degree symmetrical heat pattern.The unit can be suspended from the ceiling using the included two 2’ length chains and four S-hooks, or surface mounted using the included mounting bracket with 45-degree tilt adjustment. The unit has an electrical enclosure with lead wires for direct field connection, and includes a cordset with plug. The single-phase, 120V wiring is compatible with some standard circuits. The unit weighs 10 lb. and can be used with temperature controls (sold separately).

Electric heaters generate warmth through a central heating element that is housed in a reflective enclosure that concentrates the energy produced. An element made of a combination of metals produces heat or infrared energy by the electrical resistance created when an electric current passes through it. Fan-forced heaters pass air over the heating element to expel heat from the enclosure for greater throw and circulation. Radiant heaters do not use a fan, but warm nearby objects through energy transfer. A heater’s voltage and wiring should be matched to the electrical circuit where it is to be used. Heaters are used in a range of commercial applications that include shop floors, construction sites, and industrial buildings. All local electrical codes should be followed when installing permanent mounted electric heating equipment.

TPI Corporation manufactures industrial and commercial electrical heaters, process heat ovens, ventilation products and fans, lighting equipment, and thermostatic controls. The company, founded in 1950, is headquartered in Johnson City, TN.

Features :
Radiant heater appropriate for spot heating of small rooms and work areas
Quartz infrared tube helps provide even heat distribution from ceiling to floor
Stainless steel housing helps resist corrosion and is rated for indoor or outdoor use by Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL, a division of Intertek Group PLC)
Includes two 2′ length chains and four S-hooks for suspension from the ceiling and surface mounting bracket
Single-phase, 120V wiring is compatible with some standard circuits

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