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12 Hoover Type H Celebrity, Oreck Allergy Vacuum Bags, Canister Vacuum Cleaners, 4010009H, HR-14085ES, HV4010009H, 40100098, 111SW, XL80

Contact me if you are interested in larger wholesale quantities of this or other products. Designed to fit original manufacture # : 4010009H, HR-14085ES, HV4010009H, 40100098, 111SW Fits these models series and others: All Hoover Celebrity Canister Vacuums Oreck Canister Model XL80 This is a very old and rare canister, most newer Oreck canisters are the black or white buster B canisters. Item is: Micron filtration Allergy Bag Traps Bacteria, Dust Mites, etc.down to 0.1 micron At these prices I change my bag once a month whether it is full or not! That gives my vacuum always optimum cleaning performance
Features :
Fits: Hoover Celebrity, Oreck, Canister Vacuum Cleaners
12 Hoover Type H Celebrity, Oreck Allergy Vacuum Bags
Fits original manufacture part numbers: 4010009H, HR-14085ES, 40100098, 111SW
EnviroCare Premium aftermarket Part # 111SW

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