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Eureka DCF-10 and DCF-14 Odor Neutralizing Filter; Compare With Eureka Part #62731,62396

Replaces Eureka part number 62731A, 62731B. Replaces DCF10 filter (Eureka part number 62396) and DCF14 filter (Eureka part number 62731). Also replaces Electrolux part #62396-2 HEPA filter. Fits Eureka Optima Vacuum Cleaner Models: 437AZ, 437AZE, 437AXZ, 437-AXZ, 437-AZ, 437-AZE, 431A, 431AE, 431AX, 431AXZ, 431AXZE, UK431A Replaces Eureka part# 62731, 62731-1, 62731-12, DCF10, DCF-10, DCF-14, DCF14, 470953. Designed and Engineered in the USA according to strict HEPA Standards for More Quality Less Money.
Features :
1 Odor Neutralizing Eureka DCF10 and DCF14 HEPA Filter with Activated Charcoal
Fits Eureka 430 Series vacuums
Replaces Filter DCF10 Eureka part #62396), DCF14 (Eureka part #62731).
99.97% Filtration – A Must For Allergy Sufferers
Made exclusivly for More Quality Less Money

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