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Lindhaus HealthCare Pro Hepa 12” Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The HealthCare Pro Hepa model is excellent for both hard floors and carpets with its powerful 2 motor cleaning ability. It offers the consumer convenient on-board tools (standard), up to six stages of filtration, making it a truly versatile upright vacuum

The HealthCare Pro Hepa model is compact, commercial quality and reliable for professional use.

Its versatility and light weight make it an excellent machine also for domestic use.

Lowest noise levels have been obtained with precision engineering of all the components and with dynamic balancing of all the parts.
As an option, it can be equipped with a Hepa Filter for healthcare environments or with a carbon active cartridge to remove offensive odors.
The goal of Lindhaus is to provide a product that is versatile, easy to use and is built with only the highest commercial quality materials.
Features :

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