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Makita T-01149 1/4 by100 Polyurethane Contractor Air Hose

Makita’s new polyurethane contractor air hose is light , flexible with a no tangle hassles free memory. It is up to 3 times more durable than regular plastic hoses for improved performance. The ends have more barbs for improved holding on the fittings. This premium quality polyurethane air hose is a great compliment to our excellent air compressor line.Reusable Ends with More BarbsUp to 2X Lighter than Heavier HosesHighly Flexible and All Weather ResistantUp to 3X More Durable than Plastic HosesLess Resistance when Dragging
Features :
Reusable Ends with More Barbs
Up to 2X Lighter than Heavier Hoses
Highly Flexible and All Weather Resistant
Up to 3X More Durable than Plastic Hoses
Less Resistance when Dragging

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